Author: BNSF Railway Corporate Communications

Watch: BNSF Completes Willmar Bypass

“And now I can retire,” Randy Anderson, a BNSF locomotive engineer based in Sioux City, Iowa, said recently. “For years I have said that as soon as the bypass is complete, I’m hanging up my boots. The new bypass allows train crews to keep on moving through this area. It’s a really good thing and will continue to benefit the railroad and community for years to come.”

BNSF Rail Talk: The forecast calls for clearer wind data

Operating in the plains and deserts of the United States, BNSF and other western railroads often confront extremely high winds, with some so powerful that they can blow a standing train on its side. In this post, BNSF discusses how these winds behave and how the railroad leverages technology to enable train crews to avoid them.

Snowplow operators: BNSF’s winter warriors

Although it’s already March, and signs of spring are showing in some parts of the country, the railroads serving the western United States and Canada will battle snow for at least the next month. Here is a profile of how BNSF tackles the job.