Canadian Pacific carrying more grain than ever before

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Canadian Pacific
The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada have called for outside independent investigations into the CP derailment near Field, B.C. on Feb. 3, 2019
Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific moved more Canadian grain and grain products during the 2018-2019 crop year than any year in its history. The final tally for the crop year stands at 26.8 million metric tonnes (MMT) of Canadian grain and grain products.

The crop year, Aug. 1 to July 31, saw 2.8 percent more Canadian grain and grain products shipped from the prior record in the 2017-2018 season and 3.9 percent more than the three-year average. In the past five years, CP has consistently shipped more grain each year.

CP broke several all-time records during the 2018-2019 crop year, including:

A record May 2019 for grain products, not including whole grains, both from a carload and a volume perspective;

In April 2019, achieved an all-time record month for Canadian grain and grain products, moving 2.643 MMT; and

For the first time ever, recorded three consecutive months (September – November 2018) shipping 15,000-plus carloads of western Canadian grain and grain products to the Port of Vancouver.

CP also moved approximately 660,000 MT of Canadian grain in its domestic intermodal service, for a grand total greater than 27.4 MMT.

“CP’s record performance and focus on innovation supports the entire grain supply chain in moving increased volume,” said Joan Hardy, CP Vice President Sales and Marketing, Grain and Fertilizers.

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