Massive Gateway initiative could happen in N.Y., N.J.

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Gateway projects
New York and New Jersey state legislators are looking to form a commission for the Gateway projects.

Sometimes New York and New Jersey are bitter rivals, but when they come together it can be a sweet endeavor.

The two states are joining forces to pass the necessary funding for the stalled Gateway projects. A Gateway Development Commission will be created and function as a bi-state agency, overseeing planning, funding and construction of projects related to the Gateway access plan.

The Gateway will rebuild and reconfigure critical rail infrastructure between New York and New Jersey that connects the northeast from Boston and Washington, D.C. The price of the massive effort is more than $30 billion.

The Gateway Development Commission will consist of seven commissioners, three from each state and an Amtrak representative. It will require that New York and New Jersey equally share in the cost of the Gateway project. The governors in each state will have veto authority over the commission’s actions.

The New Jersey measure will be voted on in the Senate as early as June 20. The New Jersey House and New York state legislature are still working out details in committees.

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