MDOT Announces Rail Grant to CSX For Intermodal Terminal Improvements in Detroit

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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LANSING, Mich. –– Earlier today, we reported on MDOT M-REP grants announced on Wednesday, March 13. Today, MDOT announced another M-REP grant –– this one for CSX improvements to the Livernois Intermodal terminal in Detroit.

From the Michigan DOT in Lansing:

Neighborhoods near the Detroit Livernois Intermodal Facility in southwest Detroit stand to benefit from a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) 2024 Michigan Rail Enhancement Grant Program (M-REP) grant announced today. The $5 million grant to CSX Transportation will support equipment upgrades, track work and paving the dirt and gravel yard. Paving the yard is an important measure to help limit the amount of dust kicked up and blown into surrounding neighborhoods.

“CSX is grateful to MDOT for their partnership in advancing these critical infrastructure projects that will enhance intermodal rail service for our customers in Detroit and southeast Michigan,” said Carrie Crozier, vice president of Intermodal Operations, CSX Intermodal Terminals. “The Detroit Intermodal Rail Service and Capacity Plan will not only improve the efficiency and safety of our operations, but also reduce the environmental impact of freight transportation in the region. We appreciate the support of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, State Rep. Tyrone Carter and Wayne County for this project, which demonstrates the strong collaboration between the public and private sectors to promote economic development and sustainability. This is a win-win for CSX, our customers, and our neighbors in Detroit.”

“The City of Detroit is appreciative of CSX and MDOT’s investment in the Detroit Livernois Intermodal Facility in southwest Detroit as a major step forward toward modernizing this yard, limiting fugitive dust and track-out, and building momentum for further investment in the Detroit Intermodal Freight Terminal,” said Sam Krassenstein, chief of infrastructure for the City of Detroit. “We look forward to continuing to work with the State of Michigan, freight stakeholders and community leaders to identify further economic development and community benefit opportunities in southwest Detroit.”

M-REP grants reimburse up to 70 percent of project costs associated with railroad track, bridges, grade crossings, and rail scales to weigh freight cars on mainline corridors and at rail yards, intermodal facilities, and transload facilities. Movable equipment or freight rail rolling stock may be considered if plans are submitted that provide adequate controls for Michigan-specific use.

Funds were dedicated for rail-related economic development projects and rail freight system preservation projects. The total cost for this important intermodal yard project is $11.7 million, with approximately $6.7 million coming from CSX. 

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