North Carolina looks to benefit from Virginia/CSX deal via high-speed rail

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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There are plenty of moments to cheer when you are on the sidelines. Last week, the state of Virginia landed a game-changing deal with CSX, and now North Carolina is hoping it spurs high-speed rail growth in its state.

CSX is going to allow North Carolina to purchase about 10 miles of railroad right-of-way in Warren County, and Virginia is going to get its hands on another 65 miles of CSX line. Officials hope it will all lead to high-speed rail service between the two states, which have been planning for the mode of transportation since 1992. Tracks between Ridgeway, N.C., and Petersburg, N.C., were removed over 30 years ago, and the line between Raleigh, N.C., and Ridgeway, N.C., has experience limited use by CSX. North Carolina wants to establish a high-speed rail route between Ridgeway and Petersburg on CSX’s S-line, and the state also is not ruling out a commuter rail service between the two points. The North Carolina DOT wants to eliminate at-grade crossings by building bridges throughout the route.

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