Texas State Railroad tests new connection track

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

On Jan. 8, the Texas State Railroad (TSRR) tested a new section of track that was completed in November.

The new 2.8-mile section connects the TSRR rail line to the Union Pacific rail line in Palestine. The last time the rail was used commercially was by the Texas South Eastern Railroad in December 1969.

The purpose of the test run was to familiarize TSRR engineers with the Union Pacific rail line and yard, as well as with the dispatching protocols for the TSRR train when it is operating on UP track.

This new connectivity means two things for the TSRR. First, it means pursuit of short haul freight contracts can now commence. Such contracts will help stabilize the railroad and enhance its growth.

Secondly, extension of the line allows the TSRR to bring in additional rail cars for special events.

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