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Belt Railway of Chicago signs up for e-RAILSAFE ShortLine

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The Belt Railway Company of Chicago is now a subscriber to e-RAILSAFE ShortLine, a unique workforce management service from e-VERIFILE.COM Inc. that assists shortline and regional railroad operators with workplace safety/security management.

BRC is the largest
intermediate switching terminal railroad in the United States, with more than
300 miles of switching tracks and approximately 425 employees. The company
processes 2.5 million railcars per year and provides interchange service to
virtually every railroad serving the Chicago rail hub. 

BRC administrators will be
able to utilize ERS-ShortLine for routine workforce management tasks involving
personnel screening, resource management, compliance awareness and workplace
credentialing. The entire process is managed from one web-based platform that
is accessible via
www.ers-shortline.com. ERS-ShortLine requires no additional software or
equipment and can be securely accessed from any PC. 

e-RAILSAFE ShortLine
(ERS-ShortLine) is a part of the e-RAILSAFE line of branded services and is
based on the successful e-RAILSAFE Class 1 program instituted by the seven
major railroads operating in the United States. Like the Class 1 program,
ERS-ShortLine railroad software enables administrators to streamline their
workplace safety and security management efforts via compliance programs that
they create in the system.

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