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Bob Baer to head St. Louis Metro

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The St. Louis Metro's Board Chairman, Jeffrey Watson, said that the Board of Commissioners reached an agreement with Bob Baer to become the Agency's permanent chief executive.

"We thank Bob for both
his past service and his willingness to give the community even more," said
Watson. "It is a generous gesture on his part, and we appreciate this gift to
Metro and the region."

Over the past 22 months, Baer
has helped steer Metro through service cuts and service restoration. He was
also responsible for the initiative that resulted in an unprecedented $12
million emergency appropriation from the State of Missouri.

"It has been my pleasure to
be an advocate for transit, the customers who depend on it, and the men and
women who provide this vital service," said Baer. "However, there are still
challenges ahead. We are developing a short-term, mid-range and long-range
vision for transit in the region. We need a funding solution for that vision.
And, we need to do all of that while continuing to provide the quality transit
service that the region relies on."

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