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Celebrating 100 years of Canada’s Spiral Tunnels

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Canadian Pacific and the Royal Ontario Museum celebrated the 100th birthday of the Burgess Shale and the Spiral Tunnels - two national icons in Yoho National Park of Canada. 1909 marked a year of incredible discovery and an awe-inspiring engineering marvel leading to 100 years of successful railway operations through Kicking Horse Pass in Yoho National Park.

Trains tackling the steep
western slope of kicking Horse Pass in Yoho National Park wind their way
through the Spiral Tunnels. Canadian Pacific completed the figure-eight track in
1909. An integral part of the railway’s network, almost 30 trains a day
continue to use the spiral Tunnels, providing the most direct route between
central and eastern North America and Canada’s Pacific Gateway.

"The Spiral Tunnels
provide Canada with a safe and reliable passage to import and export goods and
raw materials," said Canadian Pacific Vice-President of Operations Mike
Fanczak. "CP is proud to have participated in today’s festivities by
donating a centennial train ride through the tunnels to the community of

Capacity upgrades and
computerized controls ensure safe and reliable train service in all weather,
every day of the year. The Trans Canada Highway follows the original "Big
Hill" rail grade and sees more than 120,000 visitors every summer at the
Spiral Tunnels Viewpoint in Yoho National Park.

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