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Installation of new lights brightens F Street mezzanine

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In its continuing efforts to improve lighting inside Metrorail stations, Washington, D.C., Metro officials are testing a new bank of lights on the mezzanine level at one entrance to the Judiciary Square Metrorail station - the F Street entrance. 

"Customers have told us
they prefer more light in our stations and on platforms, so we are looking at
ways to brightening them up," said Gerald C. Francis, Metro’s deputy general manager
and chief operating officer. 

The $38,000 pilot program
is designed to provide additional lighting on the vaulted ceiling over the
mezzanine area, as well as additional lighting down to the mezzanine level at
the Judiciary Square F St. entrance. This location was chosen as a pilot since
it was one of the darker mezzanines in the rail system. The fixture types and
lamps were selected for their ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, and to
achieve an overall lighting level based on Metro’s new criteria.

"Ultimately, we want to
make stations brighter and use lights that will be more reliable, less
expensive and more energy efficient," said Francis. "We think it will improve
the atmosphere of the stations, preserve the architectural aesthetics, deter
crime and enhance the images seen on Metro’s security cameras." 

Metro officials are
looking to install these new light fixtures at future Metrorail stations where
mezzanines overlook rail station platforms, such as Dupont Circle, Metro Center
and Foggy Bottom-GWU Metrorail stations.

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