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Kamloops to ask ministry to consider appeal of gasification plant approval

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In the coming days, the local Ministry of Environment office can expect a terse communiqué from Kamloops, B.C. politicians, local newspapers report. The letter, sent by city council, will be reaffirming its stand against a proposed gasification plant in Kamloops.

Though it won’t be
leading an appeal, council will be asking the MOE to consider one, while
seeking an answer as to why the project wasn’t subject to a federal
environmental assessment. It’s all part of council’s effort to stop the
Aboriginal Cogeneration Corporation from building its plant on Mission Flats
Road, a facility that will burn creosote rail ties in the city.

Last week, the MOE granted
the company an air-discharge permit.

Save Kamloops, a local
citizen group, vows to appeal the ministry’s decision.

At least one city councilor
is asking residents to do their part in keeping the plant out of Kamloops. Coun.
Tina Lange is encouraging the entire community to write letters in support of
an appeal. Lange suggested senior levels of government would listen when enough
people speak out against the project.

With the clock ticking
down before the ACC fires up its first gasifier, Lange said she’s optimistic
the community can impede the project enough so the company will decide to go

As for a federal
environmental assessment, the project did not trigger a review. To set off an
assessment, a federal authority must be carrying out the specific project or
providing financial assistance, or the project must involve federal land.

The ACC received C$2.7
million in funding from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)
foundation. MOE officials contacted the STDC during the application process and
were informed projects funded by the organization do not require an
environmental assessment.

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