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Quixote Corporation celebrates 40 years

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Quixote Corporation, a leading manufacturer of transportation safety products and advanced technologies, celebrated its 40-year anniversary in July 2009.

Bruce Reimer, Quixote
Corporation CEO and president, said of the 40th Anniversary, "We happily mark
this significant milestone and are proud to reflect on a history of advancing
transportation safety and saving lives. We put an endless amount of thought and
energy into the design, quality and performance of all of our products and look
forward to continuing to lead the industry into even safer transportation for
the future.

Quixote has a long
tradition of protecting motorists and workers. The Company’s first patent was
granted in 1969 for an energy-absorbing bumper for vehicles. In an innovate twist,
Quixote’s founders decided to reformat that technology and developed the first
crash cushion to place in front of roadside hazards. Since then, Quixote has
forged a path of constant progress and innovation that has led the industry
over the years and played a defining role in the transportation safety industry
as it is known today.

Through its wholly-owned
subsidiary Energy Absorption Systems, Inc., Quixote is a leading developer and
provider of energy-absorbing crash cushions and roadway safety systems. Quixote’s
crash cushions protect motorists from the ends of guardrails and concrete
median barriers using advanced, energy-absorbing technology. This same
technology has been adapted for use on the back of work vehicles in the form of
truck-mounted attenuators to protect drivers and workers from potentially fatal
rear-end impacts.

After its acquisition of
Safe-Hit® Corporation in 1993, the Company also became a major supplier of
flexible guideposts, portable sign systems, glare screens and retractable
posts. These products play an important role in preventing collisions and
helping control traffic flow.

Headquartered in Chicago,
Quixote operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and globally.
Additionally, Quixote owns and operates a research center in Rocklin, Calif.
that includes and onsite test track, allowing the Company to conduct its own
full-scale crash tests.

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