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WMATA implements $7.5 million station enhancement program

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While it's not an extreme makeover, over the next year-and-a-half, 42 Metrorail stations will receive a thorough cleaning as part of the agency's station enhancement program. The station enhancement program, initiated in April 1991, was designed to restore the appearance of Metrorail stations. The $7.5 million program sees each station restored about every four years. The work is being organized into "mini" and "major" enhancements. A mini enhancement includes the cleaning of masonry surfaces, painting interior surfaces, repairing interior masonry surfaces, painting exterior surfaces, fabricating, installing or repairing signs, refinishing bus and station platform shelter benches and spot finishing bronze surfaces such as railings. A major station enhancement includes all responsibilities under a mini enhancement but also includes pressure washing the ceilings and walls, and painting interior surfaces. A major station enhancement takes three months, which is approximately 25 percent longer than the mini-enhancement. For a list of stations slated to receive a mini or major cleaning enhancement through June 2011, visit WMATA's website by clicking here .

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