Details of Canada’s 10-year infrastructure plan unveiled

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Prime Minister Stephen Harper released important details on the New Building Canada Plan, including support that will ensure small communities have stable, long-term access to funding for vital infrastructure projects.


Key elements include dedicated funding for small communities, provincial-territorial allocations, project categories eligible for support, cost-sharing thresholds and public-private partnership screening requirements.

The New Building Canada Plan, which will provide significant funding in support for infrastructure in Canada over the next 10 years, is expected to launch in spring 2014. The plan will support projects that focus on economic growth, job creation and productivity, including building roads, bridges, subways, commuter rail and other public infrastructure.

“World-class infrastructure is the backbone of our country’s economic productivity,” said Harper. “It helps to get goods to the marketplace more efficiently and connects Canadians and our businesses to the world, generating jobs and growth. It also has the added benefit of reducing commuting times so families can spend more time together.”


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