New Rochelle Station Primed for Redesign

Written by William C. Vantuono, Editor-In-Chief, Railway Age
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The historic Metro-North/Amtrak station located on the Northeast Corridor in downtown New Rochelle, N.Y., is about to undergo a transformation, along with the surrounding area. Originally built in 1887, the station was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, has since undergone several renovations and expansions, and “remains an important part of the city’s history and identity, serving as a gateway to New York City and a symbol of the city’s commitment to sustainable transportation and livable communities.”

The station—the busiest stop on the Metro-North New Haven line—currently sees more than 6,000 outbound riders per weekday, and is the only Amtrak stop in southern Westchester County. Metro-North passengers board trains for Grand Central Terminal that divert to GCT at SHELL Interlocking. Amtrak passengers access Penn Station New York as well as all points north and south on the NEC. Metro-North customers are expected to increase significantly in 2027 with completion of the New York MTA’s Penn Access project, which will make New Rochelle the only city in New York State to offer direct access to both the East and West sides of Manhattan.

The City of New Rochelle has selected architecture, planning and design firm FXCollaborative as a design consultant to “reimagine the New Rochelle Transit Center Station and Campus” as part of its downtown redevelopment effort, “making the city more attractive, convenient, pedestrian and bicycle-oriented, and even better connected.” Chosen after a competitive RFP process, FXCollaborative “is highly regarded, with extensive experience in designing transportation hubs and urban landscapes,” the City said. “Its expertise in creating sustainable and accessible public spaces will be invaluable in helping New Rochelle achieve its goals of promoting equitable transportation and restoring vital connections to surrounding neighborhoods, connecting the new developments and residential buildings in the downtown.”

The project (download FXCollaborative concept below) will take a “holistic look” at the entire transit center campus, from Station Plaza North to South, and from North Avenue to Memorial Highway and Division Street, as well as the West End neighborhood connection. “The improved transportation and walkability will create a valuable connection to New Rochelle’s cultural highlights, including community events and regionally renowned dining,” the City noted. “The transit center will itself become a destination for various community events, joining the successful annual holiday market. Its redesign will complement other ongoing major initiatives such as The LINC, which will transform an overbuilt highway into a walkable, bicycle-friendly street and linear park. The LINC development process is a significant investment to provide safe convenient connections between the Lincoln Avenue Corridor, and the transit center and downtown.”

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