Everett officials outline their priorities for Sound Transit extension

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Sound Transit is looking at extending light rail in Everett, Wash.
Sound Transit

City of Everett, Wash., officials are getting ready to submit a letter to Sound Transit outlining their concerns and priorities for an extension of light rail from Lynnwood to downtown Everett.

The early scoping process is about to get underway and will take a little over a year to complete. Sound Transit released an Early Scoping Information Report that included options and alternatives for the light-rail extension.

Council members will be asked to approve the letter at a meeting later this week. The goals and priorities according to the letter are as follows:

  • Open all four stations within Everett by 2037;
  • Station alternatives should be considered and studied;
  • There should be support for the SW Everett Manufacturing and Industrial Center, and it should be a key purpose of the project;
  • Station area development potential should be maximized in the design stage;
  • The Link Blue Line should be extended to Airport Road and the project should provide easy transfers to local transit;
  • The project purpose should include frequent service;
  • Non-motorized connections to stations should be incorporated; and
  • Initial alternatives should be supported.

The public can review the Early Scoping Information Report and make comments by Dec. 10.

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