VIA Rail uses bus bridge for Montreal/ Gasp

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As a preventive measure, VIA Rail Canada will redirect passengers on board the Montreal/Gaspé train service onto buses for the Matapedia/Gaspé leg of the trip, in both directions. VIA has taken this decision, in consultation with the Société des chemins de fer de la Gaspésie (SCFG), following questions raised as to the condition of the rail network in the area. The situation will remain as such until an updated notice is released.

Last week, inspections carried out on the Grand-Pabos Bridge, in Chandler,QC, Canada, revealed damage to the structure of one of its pillars. Since December 14, passengers have been asked to board buses to complete the New Carlisle/Gaspé leg of the trip, while repair work was being performed on the bridge.

VIA says that more extensive repairs are needed on the Grand-Pabos Bridge, which has raised concerns as to the condition of other similar infrastructure in the area.

VIA has requested assurances regarding the safety and reliability of the network from SCFG. As soon as VIA has obtained a written assurance that the Gaspé Peninsula rail network is reliable and safe from the engineers responsible, service will resume.

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