X Train in negotiations for North Las Vegas station

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. (X Train) is in negotiations with the city of North Las Vegas for the new train station that will serve passengers traveling on the route between Southern California and Las Vegas, Nev.


The X Train has been in development for the past several years and this step is a major milestone in returning passenger rail travel to the Southern California/Nevada corridor.

“After reviewing many properties for our station in Southern Nevada, we have selected one in the city of North Las Vegas that suits our needs perfectly,” stated Dianne David Barron, Las Vegas Railway Express’ director of real estate. “We are currently in final negotiations with the public agency and the property owner.”

“News that the X Train has chosen North Las Vegas as the destination for its train from L.A. to Southern Nevada is thrilling,” said North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck. “This fast track for tourists is sure to help propel us back to prosperity, creating new jobs, boosting commerce and giving visitors a chance to see just how great our city is.”


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