“X” Train names McPherson to the Board of Directors

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John McPherson has been elected as a director to the Board of Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. "X" Train CEO/President Michael Barron said, "We are pleased that Mr. McPherson has joined our company on the board. He brings a very successful career to the company and an oversight role to our operations."

McPherson commented on his election to the board, “I am extremely excited to join the Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., X Train project. It is without question one of the most significant business opportunities I have ever seen in my many years in the rail industry. I believe we have a bright future.”

McPherson joined the Board of Directors of CSX Corporation July 2008. He served as president and COO of Florida East Coast Railway, from 1999 until his retirement in 2007. From 1993-1998, McPherson served as senior vice president operations and from 1998-1999, he served as president and CEO of the Illinois Central Railroad, Illinois. McPherson served in various capacities at Santa Fe Railroad for 25 years.

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