X Train re-routes to Western Alignment

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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X Train

The Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc., (X Train) has begun the engineering of the route to Las Vegas from Los Angeles on what it calls the Western Alignment.

The original plan by X Train was to traverse the Cajon Pass to Barstow and then north to Las Vegas. As capacity on that route became restricted, X Train reached out to University of Nevada Las Vegas’s (UNLV) Rail Engineering program headed by Dr. Harry Teng to plan the logistics of an alternative route to Las Vegas. The UNLV plan is consistent with the Regional Transportation Commission’s plan of 2007, which shows access to Las Vegas via rail from the west rather than via the heavily-trafficked Cajon Pass.

“We have spent the past year re-tooling our efforts to run the X Train service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and based on the findings of UNLV’s Rail Engineering Group, have concluded that the route from L.A. to Mojave to Barstow to Las Vegas would avoid the rail traffic of the Cajon Pass,” stated Michael Barron, Chief Executive Officer of the X Train. “We have reached out to local and statewide support for this project and have found a number of our representatives who are energized about assisting in opening this third corridor of travel to Las Vegas.”

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