MARTA set on bus service for neighborhood, but others still pushing for light rail

Written by RT&S Staff
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Residents, leaders still want light rail in a neighborhood MARTA has marked for bus rapid transit.

Not many are getting on the bus idea for the Campbellton Road corridor in Atlanta.

MARTA was set to hold a meeting on June 28 to go over its transit development plan along the corridor. Campbellton Road has been marked for bus rapid transit, but many are objecting to the move and believe the neighborhood deserves a light rail line.

The Campbellton Road corridor connects the Greenbriar Mall area on the Westside perimeter to the Oakland City MARTA station south of downtown, which is Atlanta’s most active transit corridors.

MARTA contends that the bus rapid transit choice would be faster and cheaper to build, but many are holding MARTA to its original plan, which called for a $300 million light rail route running through the Campbellton Road corridor. Community leaders and advocates want the initial $300 million investment to be fulfilled.

MARTA said the meeting on June 28 would be an opportunity for the project team to provide information on the land use, affordability, and design aspects of the projects and for residents, business owners, and stakeholders to learn about the proposed high-capacity transit mode that would be presented to the MARTA Board of Directors for approval.

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