Rail and transit get 21 percent of Virginia’s $11.4 billion transportation program

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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Metro Rail Construction at route 123 in Tysons Corner
Trevor Wrayton, VDOT

The Virgina Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved $11.4 billion in allocations for transportation improvement projects over the next six years beginning July 1. The Six-Year Improvement Program distributes funding for highway, road and bridge projects, as well as rail, transit, bicycle, pedestrian and other transportation improvements across the state.

“The six-year program advances projects that will relieve congestion in the most heavily traveled areas of the state and improve numerous roads and bridges throughout Virginia,” said Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. “The program also supports a better multi-modal system, moving more people with fewer cars.”

Each year, the six-year program is updated to reflect the latest projected revenues and transportation priorities. Several public meetings were held last fall and this spring to gather citizen input, which is reflected in the program. Allocations are based on the following priorities:

• Complete projects under construction;

• Complete preliminary engineering or right-of-way phases of other projects;

• Maximize federal funding;

• Address safety issues by funding deficient bridges and pavement;

• Support transportation projects procured under the Public-Private Transportation Act and the governor’s ongoing transportation priorities;

Six-year program $11.4 billion funding breakdown:

• Roads, highways, bridges, debt service – $9 billion

• Rail, transit and other improvements – $2.4 billion

FY 2013 budgets

The CTB also approved FY 2013 annual budgets for the Commonwealth Transportation Fund, the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Department of Rail and Public Transportation. The CTF budget identifies the estimated revenues and the distribution of the revenues related to the transportation agencies.

FY 2013 budget includes $509 million for DRPT (public transportation and commuter assistance programs, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project, administration and other costs).

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