Weston GO Station utilizes ballast mats for vibration protection

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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Getzner Werkstoffe

Metrolinx installed and modernized its track throughout the Weston GO Station in York, ON, Canada, as part of the Georgetown South Project (GTS).


The project’s Environmental Assessment study recommended vibration protection because the line that serves the Weston GO Station passes through a densely populated area. Part of Metrolinx’s developed strategy for noise and vibration projection included the installation of ballast mats.

Getzner installed the ballast mats, which were designed to protect the track superstructure from vibrations, preserve the ballast and minimize wear. Getzner says the elastic ballast mats, which are made of Sylodyne®, were made-to-order and delivered in coordination with the construction progress.

This is the first time Getzner’s product has been used on Metrolinx and the Getzner USA President Andreas Denk says the project was important to the company “as we were able to prove our quality.”

GTS is part of “The BIG Move” which promises to improve transit links in the Toronto/Hamilton area.