Texas Central celebrates two more legal victories, but anti-high-speed rail group vows to continue fight

Written by RT&S Staff
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Texas Central recently paid back taxes in several counties where construction will take place.
Texas Central

The Texas Supreme Court will not hear a case on whether or not Texas Central is legally recognized as a railroad company under state law.

With the high court rejection, it appears Texas Central will now use eminent domain to construct a high-speed rail line. The project has been tied up in the courts for the last five years.

The next step for Texas Central is to secure federal funding, and construction could begin in the next few months.

Texans Against High-Speed Rail, a group that is trying to stop high-speed rail progress in the state, was behind the Texas Supreme Court case and will file a motion for another hearing. Meanwhile, the federal government filed a motion to dismiss a second lawsuit filed by the Texans Against High-Speed Rail dealing with the environmental review of the project.

Texans Against High-Speed Rail Special Litigation Counsel Blake Beckham said the group looks forward to prevailing on the federal court case.

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