CEO of Rideau Transit Group resigns while Ottawa’s Confederation Line still struggles with issues

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Low-income families are worried they will lose their home to make way for another light-rail line in Ottawa.
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Peter Lauch, who has been the CEO of Rideau Transit Group since 2018, announced his resignation effective July 10.

Rideau Transit Group has been criticized for work done on the city of Ottawa’s Confederation Line. Crews have been busy repairing fixes to the line over the last several weeks, but Rideau Transit Group has not provided a date as to when the line will be fully up and running. Last week transit commissioners wanted Lauch to explain the correction timeline.

“When I accepted the challenge to head up RTG, my primary objective was to oversee the transition into revenue service,” Lauch said in a press release announcing his resignation. “The RTM role was taken to quarterback the restructuring of Rideau Transit Maintenance. It was always my intention to stay on for the time necessary to complete those undertakings.”

Lauch became CEO of Rideau Transit Maintenance in 2019.

“Peter’s tireless dedication to the project and his forthright transparency with all shareholders have been hallmarks of his tenure,” said the Rideau Transit Group release.

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