Railroad construction crews attack Pikes Peak

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Pikes Peak is full of activity these days when at one point it was passed off as dead. Construction crews have started laying track for the new $100 million Cog Railway, and is on schedule to open in May 2021.

When the old Cog Railway closed for winter maintenance in 2017, the owner, Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., thought the tourist attraction might not ever reopen due to finances. The decision was to build a new railroad, and the Broadmoor hotel was able to get a tax-incentive deal with the city of Manitou Springs, Colo. About 2,300 people ride the scenic Pikes Peak rail ride a day during the peak of summer.

The new track will run 8.9 miles down the mountain. About 30 workers and heavy equipment will be installing track throughout 2020. Rails comes in 40-ft-long sections and weigh 870 lb. Crews also will replace 23,000 rail ties.

The Pikes Peak line uses a special center rail, called a “rack”, that has interlocking gears and teeth that help move the train up the mountain. The old railway used a double set of teeth, but the new one will have just one single set.

A second track at the Manitou Springs depot will be added to help with the loading and unloading process of the trains.

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