REMSA offering undergraduate scholarships for 2023

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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REMSA is offering railroad scholarships for the 2023 academic year.
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The Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA) has just announced the availability of two undergraduate scholarships for tuition assistance for the 2023 academic year.

REMSA is offering one $6,000 President’s Scholarship and one individual scholarship at $4,000.

To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must: 

• Be a full- or part-time employee of a REMSA member company; or the spouse, son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of a current full-time employee of a REMSA member company.  An employee who is the scholarship applicant does not have to be a full-time employee. Interns are not eligible;

• Be enrolled at the time of application as a full-time college student at an accredited two-year college offering an associate’s degree or an accredited college or university offering a bachelor’s degree; or enrolled for the upcoming semester as an incoming freshman; and, 

• Demonstrate successful completion of the previous year of study and a willingness to continue.

The application process
To apply for this scholarship, all materials listed below must be submitted to the REMSA Scholarship Committee:

  1. A completed application for Undergraduate Scholarship Program, submitted electronically.
  2. A letter written on official REMSA member company stationery confirming REMSA sponsorship as requested in Section A of the application and stating the relationship of the member company employee to you, e.g., employee, father, mother, etc. 
  3. An official transcript from all schools attended, including high school and each college attended indicating all college-level work completed through Jan. 31 of the year the application is made.  The transcript(s) should list courses taken or in which currently enrolled. Previous scholarship winners and applicants entering their junior and senior year in college are not required to provide high school transcripts. Incoming freshmen must provide their high school transcripts along with support of classes in which he/she is enrolled in the coming semester. 
  4. An essay, 500 words or less, addressing the following:
    2022 Essay Question: The “Great Resignation” refers to the trend since early 2021 of employees resigning from jobs in record numbers. How will this ongoing trend affect the relationship between businesses, employees, and those seeking jobs? What impact has the Great Resignation had on the rail industry so far and what can the rail industry to do position itself strongly in light of these changes?
  5. Two letters of recommendation. One letter must be from a faculty member at the college in which you are currently enrolled (incoming freshmen may submit a letter from a high school faculty member). The second reference may include another faculty member, your department head, current or former employer, REMSA member, or other responsible person. Emails must come directly from reference.

For more information, please check the REMSA website.

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