TiEnergy Reduces Carbon Footprint by 1.6M Pounds

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of TiEnergy

HAMPSHIRE, Ill. – TiEnergy, a family-owned railroad tie recycling and repurposing company, has reduced its carbon footprint by 1.6 million pounds so far this year.

In 2023, TiEnergy LLC., a family-owned railroad tie recycling and repurposing company that works with Class I, Class II, and Short Line railroads, announced it has reduced its carbon footprint by 1.6 million pounds this year as a result of its railroad tie disposal methods. According to the press release, more than 22 million railroad ties are taken out of service in the U.S. every year, and millions more are deteriorating in railyards or disposal sites. TiEnergy is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by removing and sustainably recycling the old ties.

TiEnergy can recycle up to 5,000 ties per day and does so by removing ties from storage sites, extracting metal hardware from ties through its patented Tie Plate Picker technology. Then, it grinds the ties into TIEROC to create a permeable and consistent road base that streamlines operations and allows more productive turnaround times, according to the company. This practice allows landfills to forego carbon-intensive materials such as rock and stone which further reduces the impact of waste disposal operations.

Steve Berglund, CEO and Founder of TiEnergy, said the company “was founded twenty years ago to solve the challenge of railroad tie disposal. Today, our operations help reduce the carbon footprint of railroad organizations and push the industry to a more sustainable future. . . On the heels of the announcement to invest in the future of Union Station (right here in Chicago) and also across the country with high-speed rail, we’re proud to end the year with such a significant and measurable contribution to a cleaner and greener future for United States’ railroads.”

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