Man who cut railroad signals in Pa. avoids prison time

Written by RT&S Staff
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Maryland officials have rejected a proposal to build a new rail tunnel underneath the city of Baltimore.

A man who damaged railroad signal equipment in Pennsylvania will not see time in a federal prison.

Instead, the judge ordered him to serve three years probation and pay for the damage he caused.

Back in 2017 William Curry Brown took apart four railroad signal antennas from a CSX rail site near Braddock, Pa., and cut signal cables with bolt cutters. He also cut signal wires attached to CSX tracks in McKeesport, Pa. Brown was with Brandon Peck when the damage was carried out. Public defender Sarah Levin said Peck had an interest in derailed trains and showed Brown videos of train crashes. Peck’s case was dismissed.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Cook said none of the actions resulted in a loss of life, but the crimes are very serious and warranted a serious punishment.

Brown pleaded guilty last year to two counts of terroristic attacks and violence against a railroad. The total damage amounted to $1,425.

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