Maryland’s Purple Line project is getting ready to make more noise

Written by RT&S Staff
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Building up a full workforce is one of the issues facing the Purple Line project.
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The long pause is going to be followed up by a constant press of the play button.

All aspects of Maryland’s Purple Line project will soon be back on, and officials have been meeting with residents to let them know what is about to happen. The goal is to get the system up and running in 2026, four years after the original completion date.

Crews will be focused on utility relocation this summer. The task has been going on for some time, and will continue for a few more months before track can be placed.

Maryland Transit Solutions has replaced Purple Line Transit Constructors, and the following construction outline has been released:

* Construction will be back to full swing this summer with the utility relocation and track installation;

* Light-rail trains are expected to be delivered in the fall of 2023;

* A test track on the eastern end of the line will be completed in the summer of 2024; and

* System-wide testing will begin in the winter of 2025, and the operation of railcars will be tested along greater lengths of the route.

Matthew Pollack, executive director of the Maryland Transit Administration, said complexities have been troubling the project up to this point, but because the system does not rely on new technology, testing and inspections along the Purple Line should run smoothly.

Construction managers are currently working on a traffic management plan when construction does shift into full gear. Much of the work will be occurring on local streets. A phased traffic control strategy will be implemented where lanes will remain open. Streets will be widened on both sides to make light rail work in the middle easier and less intrusive.

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