Mexico pushes Mayan Train project construction, which could cost $20B and scar the environment

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Mexican officials are depending on the Mayan Train project to put life into the Yucatan Peninsula.

Despite what could be a $20 billion price tag, Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez remains committed to the Mayan Train project.

Officials are looking at the 910-mile line as a way to develop the Yucatan Peninsula.

Some, however, believe the development comes at a heavy price to the environment. Recently, several civil society organizations submitted a petition to the Commission of Environmental Cooperation claiming that Section 5 of the project between Cancun and Tulum did not undergo a proper Environmental Impact Assessment. The commission is expected to review the petition over the next 30 days.

Many say the Mayan Train project threatens forests, biodiversity, ecosystems, and local residents. The project has been challenged in court due to alleged environmental destruction and the lack of local consultation. Still, President Lopez has been pushing the construction speed of the project in spite of the legal challenges.

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