The Tide could roll into Military Circle in Norfolk, Va.

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Officials in Norfolk, Va., want The Tide to be extended to Military Circle.

Officials want The Tide in Norfolk, Va., to last a little longer.

Studies on an extension of the line to Military Circle are well underway, and Hampton Roads Transit presented the latest information on June 15. Members of the public also expressed their feelings about the project.

The engineering phase of the project could begin as early as next year, with construction starting in 2027. The cost could be as much as $400 million, but that figure could go higher over the next few years.

The extension would follow the west side of Kempsville Road and would most likely pass under I-264 and over I-64.

The Norfolk City Council needs to look over three redevelopment proposals for the Military Circle Mall, and the location of the light-rail station could be dependent on what option officials approve.

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