TriMet rail bridge project most extensive since 1986

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Yes, the bridge of steel has a kryptonite. It’s called time, and the 108-year-old Steel Bridge in Portland is losing the battle.

Crews will begin a month-long rehabilitation project on the rail bridge starting on Aug. 2.

This will be the most extensive light-rail maintenance project TriMet has executed since the first trains began operation in 1986 on the east side of Portland.

The $17 million Steel Bridge project spent last year mostly in the planning stages, and the tracks on the eastern approached were worked on during the summer of 2019. That closure lasted two weeks.

This summer’s project will feature 24-hour construction windows for four weeks as crews replace 9,000 linear feet of track, install new switches, and perform other maintenance duties. Then end result will be a smoother ride for TriMet passengers.

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