Encore Rail Systems unveils EnduraPlug name for tie-plugging compound

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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The Colebrookdale Railroad line (not pictured) is a 9-mile track in need of a major upgrade.

Encore Rail Systems has been in the tie-plugging compound business for some time, but now they have a name behind the product.

At Railway Interchange, which is being held in Minneapolis, Encore revealed the EnduraPlug name for its line of tie-plugging compounds with gauge-holding power. The tie plugging compounds come in a 200-ml cartridge, 600-ml cartridge and 1,500-ml cartridge. The 200-ml cartridge is designed for small tie plugging jobs such as plugging around the thermite weld and can fill 10-15 spike holes per cartridge. The 600-ml cartridge has a 1:1 ratio expanding compound for wood tie repair and can fill 30-35 spike holes per cartridge. The 1,500-ml cartridge allows the operators to change cartridges less frequently and keep up production. The cartridge can fill 80-85 spike holes per cartridge.

Encore’s EnduraPlug also comes in five-gallon pails and 250-gallon totes. EnduraPlug  wood tie plugging compound is a 1:1 ratio expanding polyurethane foam. It is formulated to 40-50 lb per cubic ft density to match a hardwood tie and provide holding strength. Encore also has a variety of equipment to meet production needs, including ride-on, walk-behind and skid-mounted equipment to fit in the back of a high-rail vehicle.

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