Holland unveils real-time gage inspector at Railway Interchange 2019

Written by RT&S Staff
real-time gage inspector

Holland is displaying a new Gage Inspector that offers real-time measurement at Railway Interchange 2019 in Minneapolis.

The Gage Inspector is usable under any conventional hi-rail vehicle with any size trailer hitch. The system can be detached and stored in a vehicle when not in use. It’s lightweight and can be handled by one person. The system weighs about 50 lb.

There is wireless communication between system and laptop/tablet, and the device features real-time gage measurement and real-time audible alerts. The defect limits are configurable so the operator does not need to monitor the system constantly.

“The Gage Inspector is designed to be able to complement regular testing that is going to go on with the track inspector,” Russ Newberg, director of operations at Holland, told RT&S.

Newberg says the gage measurement is given to the inspector in a radio-type dial. Good gage sections are marked in green, with distressed sections marked in yellow or red based on the severity of the defect the machine finds. The audible alarm will go off to alert the inspector a defect was discovered, and the inspector can get out and take a closer look.

“It’s a pretty simple system,” says Newberg. “The system is sturdy so it is not going to have any vibration issues.”

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