BNSF fights fires in Yakima River Canyon

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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BNSF is assisting in fighting fires in the Yakima River Canyon.

Sometimes a major fire needs to be fought with a locomotive. BNSF is supplying a firefighting train to help battle the Evans Canyon Fire.

The train can transport firefighters to hard-to-reach areas in the Yakima River Canyon. The locomotive holds 30,000 gal of water and comes equipped with a hose that can reach flames 30 ft away. In comparison, a fire truck can hold just 500 gal of water.

BNSF owns two firefighting trains, and both are based in the state of Washington.

Last week one of those trains was working through the Yakima River Canyon and moving through the upper canyon. Trains are protecting railroad property and the right-of-way that is being impacted by fire.

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