Quandel Consultants welcomes three veteran engineers to its team

Written by Maggie Lancaster, assistant editor
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Left to right, James R. Push, James LeVan and Dean Smith have joined Quandel Consultants.

James R. Push, James LeVan and Dean Smith have joined Quandel Consultants. The company says it's added the three veteran engineers to its team this spring in order to "further enhance the firm's expertise and client offerings."

“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Push, Mr. LeVan and Mr. Smith to our team,” said Quandel Consultants CEO Charlie Quandel. “Their combined 68 years of experience and their status as professionally licensed engineers will enable us to pursue new clients and move our firm forward. The entire office benefits greatly from their unique expertise, as well.”

James R. Push brings more than 25 years of project management experience to his new role of chief transportation engineer. A frequent collaborator with state agencies, municipalities, regional agencies and private developers, Push will lead Quandel Consultants in the development of project studies and construction documents for roadway improvement and site development projects. In his career, Push served as project manager to a wide array of construction initiatives, overseeing engineering studies and the preparation of plans and documents.

To his new role as Senior Transportation Engineer James LeVan joins Quandel Consultants with more than 27 years of civil engineering experience. LeVan’s design experience includes concept studies, preliminary design and final design of varying roadway types, ranging from local streets to interchange designs. He has designed many intersections, roadway alignments, profiles, cross-sections and other plan elements such as construction staging, roadway signing, striping plans, quantity computations and specification writing.

Dean Smith is a senior bridge engineer and bridge inspection team leader with more than 16 years of experience. He will serve as a senior structural engineer in his new position. He specializes in in-depth inspection and corresponding repair and rehabilitation scenarios, and leads inspections, creates plans for the design of bridge repairs and rehabilitations, performs design analysis, writes specifications and generates cost estimates. His structural experience includes highway and railroad bridges, retaining walls, and culverts. An IDOT-approved Program Manager, Smith leads a substantial portion of Quandel Consultants’ railroad bridge inspection, design and rehabilitation projects.

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