Watch: Tawatina Rail Bridge in Edmonton is now connected

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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The deck portion of the Tawatina Bridge in Edmonton is now complete.

A milestone was reached at the Tawatina Bridge project in Edmonton, Canada, when the gap between the north and south banks was filled.

For approximately three hours crews poured concrete to close the remaining one-meter gap that fully connects the 13-km Valley Line Southeast alignment from Mill Woods to downtown Edmonton.

With the bridge now connected, crews will begin installing two sets of tracks and the overhead catenary system that will power the trains. Six overhead catenary system poles will be installed on the bridge.

Construction of a shared-used path suspended underneath the bridge also will begin. The 8-m-wide path will run through the opening between the two sides of the concrete support tower and is designed to support pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, and more.

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