CSX Engineering Team Reaches 3-Year Injury-Free Mark in Cincinnati

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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CSX officials are celebrating the Class 1’s engineering team in Cincinnati, Ohio, for reaching a milestone of three years injury-free.

“Improving infrastructure we use to deliver goods to communities across the country is critical to our long-term success, but doing so safely is of utmost importance,” the railroad said via Twitter.

The engineering department handles many projects such as track maintenance to provide a good infrastructure for transportation to run on, said Jonathan McClure, senior engineering manager. 

“Safety is the highest priority here at CSX,” McClure said. “So we start everyday with a safety briefing here in Cincinnati, Ohio, at 7 a.m.”

The teams work in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day, said Cory Oakley, manager of Safety, Engineering. 

“The engineering employees work hard all year installing switches, rails and ties to rebuild the infrastructure and do it safely, leading the way in safety in the railroad industry,” Oakley said.

Everything works around having a plan, and having a backup plan for when your plan doesn’t work, said Rob McKinney, foreman. 

“We’re looking for ways to mitigate risks for our employees,” said Marcus Fannin, manager of Safety, Engineering. “That’s what it’s all about. When you think about it, what better source than the men and women that do the job every single day?”

McKinney added, “I like the people that I work with and I like being able to go home the same way I came to work.”