NS’s Moorman calls 2011 “best year ever” for the railroad

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After setting performance records in 2011, Norfolk Southern Corporation looks ahead to its 30th anniversary in 2012 and beyond "with confidence, optimism and a great deal of enthusiasm," CEO Wick Moorman told stockholders in the 2011 annual report, posted on the company's website.

“The railroad is running well, we have a strong capital budget and the right projects are under way to enhance our business franchises,” Moorman said. Improving markets and corporate initiatives combined to make 2011 the company’s “best-ever year,” he noted, with record revenues, operating income, net income and earnings per share.

“Perhaps most importantly, everything that was achieved in 2011 was achieved safely,” he said. Employees posted their lowest-ever injury ratio.

“That kind of accomplishment happens only through personal commitment and a culture that puts safety first and I could not be prouder of our people,” Moorman wrote.

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