CSX makes temporary fix to rail crossing in Mich., but problems continue

Written by RT&S Staff
CSX Corporation
CSX is monitoring a grade crossing in Michigan where motorists have reported accidents due to loose crossing timbers.

Holland, Mich., is famous for its Tulip Day Festival every year. Right now, the town is fearful of other things that have been popping up over an at-grade railroad crossing.

One motorist is claiming the underside of their car was damaged by a crossing timber, which broke loose from a crossing owned by CSX. The crossing intersects Rte. 31 between 24th and 32nd streets. According to the passenger of the Honda Civic, a van came down on the wooden plank, which then popped up in front the car.

NBC 8 investigated the crossing and reported pavement adjacent to the tracks was eroded and the wood planks appeared worn and damaged. On Feb. 24, CSX was issued a notice of maintenance deficiencies by the Michigan Department of Transportation. DOT Inspector James Goff told CSX to “remove broken/worn timbers and repair to create a smooth crossing surface.”

CSX said maintenance crews completed temporary repairs on the grade crossing during the winter and will continue to monitor it until a more substantial fix can be completed.

“Many factors affect the pace and scheduling of crossing repairs, including weather, equipment and resource availability,” CSX said in a statement. “We will have our track supervisor take a look at the crossing timbers and determine what can be done now until a more substantial repair can be completed when resources are available.”

MDOT said if there was a serious enough issue the road would be closed, but as of March 22 it remained open.

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