Rail construction issues drizzle on chocolate factory development site

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Riverside County officials will be asked to approve a request for federal funding.
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A lot of people have a problem with chocolate. In Wisconsin, chocolate is having a problem with people.

A new at-grade railroad crossing was supposed to be operating by now to help in the development of the Clasen Quality Chocolate factory in Milton, Wis. However, the project has now been pushed back nine months. Wisconsin & Southern Railroad received an extension on the grade crossing on County M after approval by the Wisconsin Commissioner of Railroads.

It marks the second time in a matter a months there has been a rail-related delay on the chocolate factory development site. In July, Milton was still waiting for the state approval of a grant linked to the construction of a rail spur.

Also in the plans is the installation of a new railroad track from south of the western end of Putnam Parkway east along its south side and across County M road.

Once the chocolate factory is operational, railway tankers will be delivering sugars and food-grade oils several times a week.

Site work began in July, but Clasen has informed city officials that the facility will not be complete until the end of 2022.

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