Condo residents warned of problems years before Southwest light-rail project broke ground

Written by RT&S Staff
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The Southwest Light Rail project has ballooned to $2.75 billion.

Those who live in a condo complex that shut down the Southwest light-rail project for months are now saying they warned about potential problems before work began.

Worked stopped along the Kenilworth corridor in January when residents started complaining about cracking in their units. The condos are situated right next to the construction site.

In 2018, the condo owners hired an engineering firm that concluded the structures of the buildings are substantially more susceptible to vibration impacts due to construction.

During the pause, Metropolitan Council brought in its own consultant that said the changing weather conditions and the design of the condos was to blame for the damage.

The Southwest light-rail project has been plagued by delays and cost overruns, causing the Minnesota state legislature to call for an audit of the project. The estimated cost of the project now sits at $2.75 billion.

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