Governors asking for federal partnership with new infrastructure money

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Governors want to have a stronger connection with the federal government when it comes to infrastructure projects.
California High Speed Rail Authority

As Governors make plans to deploy new federal dollars to improve infrastructure in their states and territories, the National Governors Association (NGA) hosted five governors, federal officials and private-sector partners for an Infrastructure Summit to explore best practices and spotlight gubernatorial leadership on the issue.

Participants in the three-day summit shared resources and discussed strategies for implementing the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Governors, who have been leading on efforts to build and maintain infrastructure in their states and territories, have been urging Congressional action on a stronger federal partnership to address aging public works to boost America’s economic competitiveness and quality of life. Mitch Landrieu, senior advisor to the President for infrastructure coordination, was among the federal officials to meet with governors and other attendees.

“Investments in infrastructure are investments in a better future for our country,” said NGA Vice Chairman Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey. “Governors have been stepping up to meet this challenge, but we can’t do it alone. We are looking forward to a renewed partnership with the federal government to make the investments necessary for a stronger economic future and improvements that benefit all Americans.”

During the NGA summit, participants discussed funding and financing infrastructure including through public-private partnerships; collaborations on freight and supply chain issues; planning the future of transportation; jobs and workforce needs; resilient and sustainable infrastructure; and broadband.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who served as NGA Chairman in 2019-20, led an initiative called Infrastructure: Foundation for Success. He kicked off the summit, which concluded on Dec. 2 in Annapolis, noting that governors had made progress on infrastructure despite a lack of federal action until now. “The federal support will allow governors to build on that progress to make once-in-a-generation investments toward the nation’s infrastructure needs,” Hogan noted.

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