All aboard the dirt dump train! Hauling dirt between two projects in Maryland

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Why have several dump trucks when you can have a dump train? Officials in New Windsor, Md., are seeing the benefits of using rail for a stormwater project, which began in mid-April and will continue over the next few months.

A Maryland Midland Railway train is hauling dirt from Westminster, Md., to New Windsor. The project involves the creation of a pond to serve as a stormwater management facility in Westminster. Carroll County requires a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit. Approximately 200 acres of stormwater runoff will be gathered in the pond, and clean water will be filtered and placed into Little Pipe Creek. Over in New Windsor, the dirt pulled from the pond site in Westminster will be used to fill an empty pit, which is a former wastewater lagoon. By filling in the lagoon, which is no longer needed thanks to upgraded wastewater treatment, the land can be repurposed and sold to developers.

The train is expected to haul 70,000 cu yd of dirt (about 100-150 train trips) between Westminster and New Windsor, and is reducing noise pollution and putting less traffic on the roads.

If the weather cooperates, the project should be done by the fall.

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