More MARTA, other capital programs for Atlanta transit might suffer in the wake of COVID-19

Written by RT&S Staff
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Officials in Atlanta could be talking about contracting new projects once the pandemic is over.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic put a sledgehammer to the nation’s economy, Atlanta’s MARTA was planning on a big expansion. Now it might be looking at a big contraction.

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) held a webinar this week addressing the future of mobility in the region, and there still appears to be more question marks than answers.

More MARTA, which came with a referendum that voters approved in 2016, is a $2.7 billion program that will include 29 miles of new light rail and upgrades to the agency’s existing infrastructure.

Back in February, ARC officials also gave the thumbs up to a $173 billion transportation plan that will use federal, state and local funding over the next three decades for things like transit expansion and alternative transportation upgrades.

However, before moving forward on anything officials need to know where they stand after the pandemic is over. MARTA could decide to trim some projects, or delay them.

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