Oregon commission ready to approve two intermodal projects

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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The state of Oregon will have two intermodal projects starting up soon.
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It’s looking good for a pair of regional intermodal projects in Oregon. The Oregon Transportation Commission is expected to give the OK on Jan. 21 during a videoconference.

Each project will receive $26 million, and the funding is scheduled to be approved without further discussion as part of the meeting’s consent agenda. The locations of the intermodal projects are Millersburg, Ore., and Nyssa, Ore. Millersburg will serve western Oregon while Nyssa will tend to the eastern portion of the state.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has hired Tioga Group, an independent consulting firm, to look over the financial pros and cons of the two proposed projects. ODOT also wants the Oregon Transportation Commission to sign off on construction funding for the two projects and follow action items provided by Tioga Group.

Linn County has heavy interest in the Millersburg project, and has offered to repay ODOT $10 million if it fails. The Tioga Group has expressed concerns about the Millersburg site, but ODOT says the consultant has identified actions that project sponsors can perform to maximize that chances of economic success.

Linn County bought a 190-acre site from International Paper, and 60 acres will be used for the intermodal project. The remaining land will be used for an industrial park.

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