At-grade crossing will be replaced with underpass in Riverside, Calif.

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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U.S. DOT announces grants for rail-highway grade crossing improvements.
Operation Lifesaver, Inc.

The Riverside (Calif.) Board of Supervisors is ready to approve a $64.79 million contract with an engineering company for construction of a railroad grade separation in Jurupa Valley.

Granite Construction Inc. won the bid for the Jurupa Road/Union Pacific Railroad Separation Project. Granite was one of five contractors vying for the job.

“The project will eliminate at-grade crossing at the UPRR line located on Jurupa Road to provide uninterrupted and efficient access for motorists, residents, businesses, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles in the area,” Riverside County’s Transportation & Land Management Agency said in a statement.

Today, two sets of tracks run through Jurupa at Van Buren Boulevard. The two-year project will begin in a few weeks and will consist of building an underpass. A water main and utility equipment will have to be relocated, which will call for the construction of new drainage canals, gutters, a fiber optics vault, pump stations, and curbs and fences.

California will fund the majority of the project, while Riverside County Transportation Commission will handle the much of the rest through the Measure A sales tax revenue.

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