Tenn. flood victims sue CSX, property owners over fatal tidal wave

Written by RT&S Staff
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CSX is facing a lawsuit connected to the Waverly, Tenn., floods last August.

Ten families who lost loved ones during the event filed the lawsuit against CSX and other property owners of land along Highway 70 near the railroad tracks.

The families are accusing CSX Properties and other property owners for failing to inspect and clean the levee beneath the tracks. Debris created a dam, and finally gave way during the flooding, creating a fatal tidal wave. The suit is asking for $450 million.

“Our most heartfelt thoughts are with the families whose lives were tragically impacted by this historic weather event,” CSX said in a statement. “While we can’t comment on any specific allegations of the lawsuit, it is important to point out that the significant rain storm in August 2021 that resulted in the catastrophic flooding of many communities in middle Tennessee, including Waverly, was an unprecedented and extraordinary event. CSX track and related infrastructure is maintained and regularly inspected in accordance with CSX policies, which meet or exceed federal regulations.”

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