APTA calls on Congress for needed funding following severe natural events

Written by RT&S Staff
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Officials say it could take months before the St. Louis MetroLink is fully operational again following the flood event last month.

Transit agencies across the U.S. have some unmet needs due to severe natural events, and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is taking the natural route for funding.

The association has written a letter to congressional leaders asking for $129 million in funding to help those agencies which have suffered damaged to their infrastructure due to flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes. The money would come from the Federal Transit Administration’s Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program.

Metro Transit-St. Louis was hit with a massive rain event earlier this summer, and APTA is requesting $40 million to help with damages. Over 5 miles of track had ballast washed out, and communications, signal, and fiber-optic systems also were hit.

APTA President and CEO Paul Skoutelas also referenced Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria as well as the Alaska earthquake in his letter to Congress.

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